Soft tissue surgery with laser diode

Diode lasers are adequate for cutting, recontouring and haemostatic treatment of soft tissues. It makes surgical interventions more comfortable …

Digital X-ray imaging diagnostics using a small volume CBCT

3D technology reveales anatomical details using a modern imaging tool. CBCT or Cone Beam Computed Tomography is a speacial tridimensional digital…

White now teeth whitening

Using a UV light we activate the jelly applied on the tooth, the created active oxygen radicals enter the upper and lower parts of the tooth and remove the discolorations.

Microscopic root canal therapy

Today microscopic root canal therapy represents one of the most recent achievements of dental treatments. During the exploration of the root canal ….

Minimally invasive bone surgery with piezo technique

The aim of the development of piezosurgical procedures consists of being able to work with the bone tissue without much pain. On the basis of several experiments and clinical studies we can state that piezoelectric osteotomy …

Precise dental treatments using a dental loupe

Due to our binocular dental loupes of a magnification of 3.5-4.5x and due to a concentrated LED light we can offer minimally invasive and precise…

Planning of a surgical drill guide for implants

Due to modern IT techniques it is possible to use a 3D program that – according to the CT – helps us explore the patient’s bone structure and ….