In-Office Professional Teeth Whitening

In-Office Professional Teeth Whitening

Signal Profession WHITE NOW Liquid & Powder Fast PLUS is a teeth whitening material for professional teeth bleaching that contains hydrogen peroxide (38%). The jelly is prepared in the office by simply mixing the powder and the liquid. The effect – 8-10 time whiter teeth – becomes immediately visible. Before this treatment the patient may need some dental hygiene treatments like plaque and tartar removal, tooth polishing and changing of inadequate obturations.

Shortly about the treatment

Using a UV light we activate the jelly containing hydrogen peroxide applied on the tooth, the created active oxygen radicals enter the upper and lower parts of the tooth and remove the discolorations. It is important to know that during this treatment the existing obturations and dental prostheses do not become whiter and because of the old obturations without a right closing and because of eventual cervical wear the patient can complain about cervical hypersensitivity, so the causes must be treated.

Care after treatment

After teeth whitening in order to maintain results it is recommended to avoid at least for 1 week:

  • consumption of colorful food and drinks, coffee, cola, red wine.
  • consumption of acidic food/drinks: citrus, tomato, food prepared from tomato
  • smoking

Sensitivity after treatment is a normal reaction, in order to reduce it we recommend to use fluoride toothpastes/jellies. (for example: ElmexGel)

The obtained results can be maintained for 1-1.5 years, after this time teeth need to be bleached again in order to maintain the results for a longer time.