Microscopic root canal therapy

Microscopic root canal therapy

Today microscopic root canal therapy represents one of the most recent achievements of dental treatments. During the exploration of the root canal we can effectively remove the bacteria, avoiding later problems. Due to a 10-20x magnification we can explore more precise those root canals that cannot be seen with the naked eye or that have irregular shapes.

Using a dental microscope the bacteria can be removed even from these canals, so there is more chance to keep the tooth. The treatment is more effective because we use an incorporated LED light and this way the affected areas become visible even for the patient who can watch the whole process on a screen.

What are the advantages of this procedure?

The procedure has many advantages that make root canal therapy easier and safer:

  • it helps us make the precise diagnosis and realize the treatment plan
  • the chance for root fractures or root fissures becomes minimal
  • there is a minimal quantity of removed healthy tooth structure
  • successful removal of old and inappropriate root canal obturations and realization of new, precise obturations
  • cleaning and filling of root canals that are not traditional and cannot be seen with the naked eye
  • removal of broken instruments
  • the steps of the treatment can be seen on a screen both by the patient and the assistant