Orthodontic treatments

Orthodontic treatments

Orthodontic consultation

  • The first consultation lasts 30-40 minutes, I inform the patient about dental and maxillary disorders, I examine the face, the mouth and the teeth, their position, the occlusion, the patient’s smile, profile, the median line of the teeth and of the face.
  • I inform the patient regarding the steps of the treatment, about its duration, the orthodontic appliances that can be used and I also offer information regarding the costs of the treatment.
  • The patient has to realize a panoramic radiogram and a teleradiogram for the consultation.

Realization of the treatment plan

  • Digital evaluation of the images, analysis of the bones and of the face, evaluation of the plaster model created on the basis of the arches, analysis regarding the development and place of teeth, exact diagnosis, realization of the treatment plan, eventually we can also talk about different treatment options

Impression + study model / dental arch

  • Before the treatment we create an impression and we realize a plaster model representing the initial phase.
  • At the end of the treatment we create an impression and a plaster model as well.