Implant-supported dentures

Implant-supported dentures

Implant-supported metal ceramic crown

The prosthetic work can be fixed on the implant in two ways: with the help of some fixing screws or through cementation. After opening the implant we fix the superstructure on the internal part of the implant using screws. According to the type of this superstructure we decide whether we use screws or cement in order to fix the prosthetic work.

The advantage of screw fixing is that from time to time the dentist can remove the superstructure and the prosthetic work and he can clean the internal part of the implant. As this fixing method requires special elements for the superstructure, its price is higher. In case of cementation we use a type of cement (that makes possible an eventual removal) in order to stick the crown or the tooth bridge.

Implant-anchored prosthesis

There are many cases when – however we perform precise work – the prosthesis is not adequately stabilized because of the hard and soft tissues (atrophied crest, inadequate sticking to the mucosa etc.). In case of total edentation can be realized a so-called Overdenture prosthesis. This is a full denture that can be stabilized on at least two, but usually on four implants inserted into the mandible. In this case we don’t create implant-supported crowns, but a special splint to which later we can fix the denture, assuring appropriate stability. This way we can realize a fixed prosthesis that can be removed and inserted by you.