Realization of the treatment plan

Realization of the treatment plan

How is a treatment plan realized?

On the occasion of the examination your dentist identifies your dental problems and you and the dentist realize the treatment plan together. The idea of this treatment plan is to comprise the ideal solutions to your problems in a professionally correct plan according to which your dentist can work and solve your problems.

The treatment plan is clear and comprehensible for the patient as well.

The basis of good dental treatments is a rational, well-structured dental treatment plan accepted by the patient. The advantage of the modern dental approach is that during dental status evaluation and examination our dentists examine the whole denture and osteology and they realize the treatment plan according to the patient’s points of view.

The dental treatment plan includes the applied technologies, the materials that will be used, the duration and the schedule of the treatment and of course its price. In some more complex cases the realization of the dental treatment takes place within a medical consultation. The patient can look through the treatment plan and he/she can bring the right decision. Due to this precision Mátyus dental can offer warranty for the performed treatments. In case you need a panoramic radiogram or other images in order to determine the diagnosis, we can make all these at Mátyus dental’s.