Removable prostheses

Removable prostheses

Removable dental prostheses, dentures are prosthetic works that can be removed by the patient without the help of a dentist. The partial denture is necessary when the arch is not completely edentulous, but the number or the position of the remaining teeth does not allow to create a fixed dental prosthesis. A full denture is needed when the arch is completely edentulous, this denture replaces the teeth and the gingiva.

Full or partial acrylic denture with composites

It is important to know that full or partial acrylic denture is a removable prosthesis that take up more place in the mouth than natural teeth. This is because this denture completely covers the edentulous alveolar crest, in most cases it replaces the atrophied bone and it covers the palate. In the case of the partial acrylic denture we can realize the anchorage using some clips fixed to the crowns of the remaining teeth which support the clips. The full acrylic denture is supported by the bone of the mucosa, it is stabilized through the masticatory pressure and the gravitation.

Metal framework dentures with special anchoring elements

We create a metal framework denture when we cannot realize an adequate fixed prosthesis for the remaining teeth, but there are still teeth or fixed prostheses in the mandible on which we can create a partial prosthesis made of metal and plastic. This prosthesis is fastened to the teeth through some clips or fixing tools (Ot-Cap, Vario-Kugel), this way we can realize an aesthetic prosthesis that cannot be seen by people.