Use of lasers

Use of lasers

Labial and lingual frenectomy using a laser diode

Children can have speech disorders if their frenulum of tongue gets stuck. Children can face speech disorders in the case of a stuck labial frenulum as well and these can also contribute to some dental diseases, disorders. We use a laser diode in order to perform the frenectomy, so the intervention takes place without cutting, bleeding and stitching.

Gingival remodelling, gingival pocket reduction using a laser diode

In the case of erupting molars it can happen that because of lack of space the tooth cannot completely erupt from the gingiva, in these cases we should remove the gingiva that partially covers this tooth. In the case of periodontal diseases it can happen that we need to remove even the too deep pocket wall in order to be able to clean it. In these cases if we remove the surplus of soft tissues with a laser, there will be no postoperative bleeding, the healing process will be faster and there won’t be so much pain.

Photodynamic therapy/session/tooth

Photodynamic therapy is based on a tissue colouring process. In the case of periodontal diseases we inject some pigments, dyestuff of adequate concentration (malachite green, toluidine blue) into the gingival pocket which connects to the cell wall of the bacteria. After this we irradiate this area using a soft laser of a certain frequency that releases oxygen and this destroys the bacteria. This therapy can be successfully used in order to complete periodontal and periimplantitis diseases.